Conophytum pageae is a succulent perennial plant with a clustering, mat-forming growth habit. This species is from the ice plant family, Aizoaceae, which is also known as vygies in South Africa and New Zealand,The identical corn species that brings the world discipline corn, popcorn, and sweet corn has turned up some ornamental varieties which might be value rising in the garden for their statuesque beauty. Corn belongs to the grass family, a widely diversified group that features bluegrass and bamboo. Pollen from the tassel fertilizes the ears of corn rising from the stalk beneath. It could actually develop as much as 10 feet tall. Growing ornamental corn: Corn needs rich, fertile soil and full sun. The soil should be nicely drained and moist. Wait to plant corn till after the final frost-free date and the soil is heat. Plant seeds 1 inch deep. Space plants 6 to 15 inches apart. Corn types a sequence of brace roots to support it, so it won’t need staking. Propagating ornamental corn: Start new plants from seed. Uses for ornamental corn: Corn is tall and requires area to accommodate it.

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