It is possible to grow an apple tree from an apple seed. However, generally, apple bushes do not come true from seeds. For instance, a seed taken from a Red Delicious apple is not going to produce a Red Delicious apple tree. Seedling apple trees are genetically completely different and usually inferior to the parent tree. Most apple trees are propagated by grafting. Grafting permits growers to supply timber which can be equivalent (genetically) to one another. While a tree grown from an apple seed is more likely to be disappointing, it is not difficult to germinate apple seeds. Apple seeds must be exposed to cool, moist situations earlier than they will germinate. The cool, moist requirement could be completed by planting apple seeds outdoors in fall. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep. The cool, moist requirement can be attained indoors. Place a layer of moist sand in the bottom of a small container, reminiscent of a plastic margarine tub, place the apple seeds on the moist sand, after which cover the seeds with additional moist sand. Punch 1 or 2 small holes within the plastic lid after which place it on the container. Place the container in the refrigerator for ninety to a hundred and twenty days. Afterwards, take away the seeds from the refrigerator and plant indoors. Plant the seeds 1/2 deep in a business potting combine. Keep the potting combine moist till the seeds germinate.

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