Directly or not directly, practically all life on Earth is photo voltaic-powered. Plants convert sunlight into natural compounds that, when consumed by different life, pass on the sun’s power to the rest of the food internet. As humans, we access this saved power by way of digestion and by burning uncooked or processed plants. But what if there were a method to have our rice and burn it, too? What if we may derive vitality from crops with out killing them, or generate power utilizing plants and land not wanted for food, all through the facility of microbes? That’s the thought behind plant-microbial fuel cells (PMFCs). When it comes to creating life work, plants may get all the nice press, but it’s the a lot-maligned microbe that holds the meals chain collectively. Specifically, cyanobacteria assist form its base; intestine microbes help us digest food from it; and soil bacteria flip the ensuing waste into nutrients plants can use. For many years, researchers have dug round for doable methods to attract energy from this microbial metabolism.

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