Cadaveric Liver Transplant V/s Living Liver Donation Which is better? Liver transplant is an possibility in end-stage liver disease. There are two kinds of liver donors. Living liver donors and cadaver donors. Living liver donors contain grafting part of liver to patients liver from a residing donor. Cadavers or the deceased donors are these donors that are mind useless. Cadavers or deceased individuals are the common sources of transplantations. These cadaveric donors are consented prematurely to donate the organ. The family members of the cadavers additionally consent before organ donation. A person is taken into account lifeless his brain stops functioning. From these brain useless individual, the liver is extracted from the affected person’s physique and reserved for the transplantation. This whole procedure takes place inside 24 hours of the cadaver’s demise. Cadaveric transplant in India is at a very poor stage. In keeping with India’s Organ Retrieval Banking Organization, 1.Four lakh annual individuals are pronounced useless yearly. To reply to the rising needs of the organ donation, about 2500 to 3000 bodies are wanted.


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