Replacement Scoops or SPOONS for the Ballard / Brown Bag Filling Seed Packing Machines; 2021 New Design. First, if you utilize or personal one of those machines, we would love to welcome you to the Ballard Owners and Operators Facebook Group! Restored machines are sometimes available from Joe at Ed Hume Seeds in USA, who even have spare components. Many have been misplaced or scrapped when smaller seed firms closed within the 1980s & 90’s, there are solely about forty left that we know of, so if you have a machine, or come throughout one, even in components or broken, please get in contact so it may be saved, restored and put back into use. In case you are one of many seed companies fortunate enough to own one of many few remaining machines, you will know that while they’re improbable, the seed-measuring scoops are the weak link. We had this downside too and have been working on ways to repair or substitute the outdated scoops we personal.

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