First it searches for seeds for the legacy PHP 3.0.7 to 5.2.0, which it typically completes in a fraction of a second. Three PHP version ranges without delay. In more complex cases, the 3 algorithms deviate to a better extent, so important slowdown may be seen. Found 9, trying 0xfe000000 – 0xffffffff, velocity 234.5 Mseeds/s Found 9 actual 0m18.478s consumer 9m48.751s sys 0m0.015s Besides the addition of help for extra PHP variations, I’ve also cleaned up the code (so that the source file dimension elevated only from 18 KB to 19 KB, regardless of of the key added performance) and rewrote new/actual documentation (the README file is now as much as 29 KB, so larger than the supply code). PHP 3.0.6 to current day and even beyond, talking about two present bugs which can be more likely to get fastened. PHP developer found the opposite whereas proposing a fix for the bug I reported. This took fairly some effort, and i hope some of you find it helpful.

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