It’s tough to know what your legacy on this planet will likely be, however in 1879 when Michigan State University botanist William J. Beal started his weed seed experiment, he probably did not assume his contribution to science would nonetheless be working 142 years and several other generations of botanists into the long run. But the Beal seed viability experiment is proof that we will shock ourselves. Beal – who was a correspondent of Charles Darwin, if that offers you any context for how way back the experiment began – was concerned with how lengthy the seeds of a variety of various weed species could sit dormant within the soil earlier than they misplaced their potential to germinate. So he planned a long-time period examine – a very lengthy-term research: He planted 20 pint bottles full of sand and the seeds of 21 different common weed species in a secret underground location on the Michigan State University campus, planning to dig up one bottle every five years till they ran out.

BlueBlowing in the Wind... - Swan Plant seed dispersal - Flickr

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